Old Albums

These are pictures  I’ve scanned from various sources over the last few years.  There are many duplicates and none of this is organized.

Aunt Mary’s Box of Pictures (358 scanned pictures – some of which have comments by Maureen and Winnie)

Old Album  (100 scanned photos from an album that Fr. Donald Haggerty had.)

More Haggerty (165 items – from very old to the 80’s)

Aunt Mary’s Recipes (Scanned all the recipes (over 100) that Aunt Mary brought with her from Maryland to AZ.)

Scanned Old Pictures (38 items – not organized)

O’Malley Pictures from the 40’s (66 items from an old set of negatives I found)

More O’Malley (91 items of mostly Nebraska pics)

Slide Show of Ednamarie O’Malley Haggerty (205 pictures of mom and family commemorating her life)

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