O/B Family

Starting a project to compile background information for our OMalley roots.  In the meantime, here are events, pictures and contact information. The O’Malley family tree is on ancestry.com.  If you are a family member and want access, contact Maureen for access (mauhag@cox.net).

Note that the O’Malley family contact information is on Google Drive.  It is not shared publically.  You must ask for your Google Account to have permissions to view the documents.  And, you must sign into your Google Account before you can view the data.  Maureen or Deanna can provide permissions.  Just email one of us.

Grandparents Lawrence and Johanna Blanche

Dowd Family

Haggerty Family

Sister Mary Faith (Isabelle Veronica) – see pictures and a memorial

Dewey Family

Joe OMalley Family

Goggins Family

Jerry OMalley Family

Hargaden Family

Leo OMalley Family


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