St. Patrick’s Church

Our great-grandparents, James J. Haggerty and Mary Castles Haggerty, are buried there, in Section 4 East, Lot 7, Graves 1 and 2.  Records show that Mary Castles was born in Pottsville, PA, near McAdoo, and died on 11/17/1907 at age 65.  Her husband James died sometime between 1890 and 1900, but there’s no record of the date.

Grave 3 in James’ and Mary’s cemetery plot is supposedly occupied by Mrs. Helen Bublix, but I don’t know who she is.  The 1890 Federal Census Directory for Kline Township shows a Bubil household but no one named Helen.  Bublix, Bublicks and other variations of the name are fairly common in Schuylkill County, so maybe Helen was a friend or family member who married a “foreigner.”  Alternatively, the church record may be faulty.

Hugh Haggerty and his wife Cecelia are buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery as well, but I have no information as to where.  Cecelia died of pneumonia in 1935, decades before Hugh died in 1963.

Katie Haggerty McCann is buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery in McAdoo with her husband Thomas McCann and their son, Thomas McCann Jr., in Section 4 East, Lot 6, graves 2 and 5.  (Apparently there are two bodies in grave 5.)

Susan Haggerty is buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery with James Haggerty, possibly her husband, her son, or her grandson (she had one of each named James).  Also buried with Susan are Margaret Haggerty, probably her daughter “Maggie,” and James O’Donnell.  I don’t know how James O’Donnell fits into the picture, but there were many O’Donnell families in Honey Brook and McAdoo, including one that lived next door to our family in 1900.  James O’Donnell may have been the child of Susan’s daughter Sarah, who married Dominic O’Donnell at St. Patrick’s in 1901.


In addition to James and Susan Haggerty’s daughter Sarah, who married Dominic O’Donnell at St. Patrick’s in 1901, as just noted, church records show that two more of their children married there as well.  Francis (Frank) Haggerty married Julia McFadden in 1901, and Peter Haggerty married Jamie Coll in 1903.  Baby Francis Haggerty, born in nearby Silver Brook in 1905 and buried at St. Patrick’s the following year, was probably the child of Frank or Peter Haggerty.  The records suggest that Frank Haggerty met an untimely death and was buried in 1909 in the plot of Patrick McFadden (presumably a relative of his wife), Grave 4, Section 2 West, Lot 14.

Leroy Haggerty (b. 1907), who married Elizabeth McCann at St. Patrick’s in 1935, is surely the son of Frank Haggerty and Julia McFadden.  At some point after the death of her husband Frank Haggerty (Leroy’s father) in 1909, Julia McFadden Haggerty married Hugh O’Donnell, who was also widowed; by the time of the 1920 census, Julia is listed as being married to Hugh O’Donnell and living in Hazleton with his children and hers from their previous marriages.  There is no mention of Leroy Haggerty in this census, although he is only 13 and is undoubtedly living with his mother Julia.  The omission of Leroy’s name was probably an oversight due to the many children in the household.  In the 1930 census, 5 years before Leroy’s marriage, Leroy, age 23, is living in Hazleton with Hugh O’Donnell 50 and Julia O‘Donnell 47 (Julie on the form), and is listed as Hugh’s stepson.

The last information I have from St. Patrick’s concerns a marriage between Rose Craver (“non Catholic”) and James Haggerty.  The identity of Rose Craver’s husband is unsure because there are at least two James Haggertys of the same age (b. 1902) linked to St. Patrick’s: one is Joseph and Elizabeth Haggerty’s grandson (the son of James Haggerty and Catherine Kane); the other is James and Susan Haggerty’s grandson (the son of Frank Haggerty and Julia McFadden, listed in the 1920 census as the 18 year old stepson of Hugh O’Donnell, Julia’s second husband).  The 1930 census lists James Haggerty and his wife Rose living in West Hazleton Township with Rose’s mother, also named Rose Craver, and Theodore Craver 13.  In the course of the 1930s James and Rose have four children who are baptized at St. Patrick’s: James, b. 1934, Ann b. 1935, Francis b. 1937, and Mary b. 1938.  Two of these Haggerty children, James and Mary, were married in Hazleton in 1954 and 1960 respectively.  It might be possible to contact Mary Haggerty through St. Gabriel’s Church in Hazleton, where she was married to Walter Rovar (?).

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