Family Tree for OMalley

Patrick and Mary Roach O’Malley were born in Ireland and married 1860 in Ireland. Patrick and Mary Roach O’Malley came to America in 1870.  They lived in Scranton, PA. They had 11 children but only five grew to adulthood.  Click here for a link to to read more about each family member, see a picture of the gravestone and read the obit.

Peter married Marie Rachel Sheehan (who went by Minnie); they had four children: Donald Charles (Chuck) Helen Francis, Constance,  and Carma (who went by Carmen); none of Peter’s children were married.

Patrick J
Patrick J married Anna T Sheehan (who went by Annie); they had seven children: four sons (John P, Peter M, Frank C, Thomas) and three daughters (Mrs. E R McDonnell, Mrs E J Fox, and Esther).  Peter’s and Patrick’s wives were sisters.

John J
John died of appendicitis in 1900; he was not married.

Lawrence William
Lawrence William married  Johanna Blanche Burke; they had nine children: Eileen, Ednamarie, Isabelle (Sister Mary Faith) Teresa, Joseph, Mildred, Gerald (Jerry) Loretta and Leo.

James H 
James H married Caroline Johanna Fredrickson (who went by Carrie); they had one son, James Erwin.

Peter and Patrick were born in Ireland.  John and Lawrence were born in Scranton, PA.  They came to Creighton NE where they homesteaded in 1878.  James was born in Creighton, NE.

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